Ishqbaaz ff shivika pregnant

Annika is shown lying down on bed. The family is shown standing and sitting near her. A doctor is shown checking her. Let them enjoy their honeymoon.

We will only disclose it if its important. Dadi — annie, suhana, I think we might have some good news soon. The way she fell down due to dizzyness, and craved salty foods…. Doc — I will tell u Mrs. Maya opens her eyes slowly.

She sees a blurred vision of of a nurse, an the hospital cabinsuddenly, she recalls how Arjun had fell down. Maya gets up in panic. Maya — plz tell me where is arjun. My husband. Nurse grabs maya. Aditya signls her to leave.

ishqbaaz ff shivika pregnant

Nurse abides. Maya hides herself with a pillow. Tears roll down her eyes. Aditya gets upand immediately recognises arjun. He rushes them to the hospital. Aditya —maya he is okay now. In some time, he will gain conciousness. Relax some time. Get some sleep. Swara makes pout — sanskar im sorry na. Sanksar — u want puni9shment na. I will change my clothes right here ,and u have sit facing me, and u vant turn away even for a sec….

Swara bites her lips …sanskar smirks. He pushes her. Swara sits on the bed. Sanskar removes his shirt in a seductive way. Swara gets allured to him …she licks her lips and stares with loving eyes.

As he changes all hius clothes. He applioes a perfume and puts on a nw outfit. Swara smirks in naughtyness. She hugs him from back. Viren — leave it na chote papaits good that finally we banged the deal. This is sugar plum hospital. Sorry to inform that Mr.If you haven't read them, the links are in the Index the post below. Secondly, this FF will contain some Mature scenes. I will obviously let you know about it before you start reading.

Also Prithviraj Oberoi is very much alive in this FF.

I hope you will love him. There will be Obros and Family moments included in some updates. Shivaay paced his apartment, once again glancing at his watch. He had decided to wait until Anika left before going to work himself. He had put his bodyguard on alert to notify him last night, at any time, if she left the building.

When it was past the time they should have been to the office and she still hadn't left the building, he was furious, enraged.

ishqbaaz ff shivika pregnant

So she assumed now that she was pregnant, she could skip work. Over his dead body! She wasn't avoiding him to try and come up with more lies. He marched over to her apartment and let himself in. She wasn't in the living room or kitchen. He was even more angry. She hasn't even bothered getting out of bedhe thought. Well, she had scored him so he figured she didn't want to work any longer.

Why work when you could get all you wanted for free? He walked to her bedroom and swung the door open hard, ready to pull the covers off her and have a rip-roaring fight.

He needed to vent his anger and she was the target. He was angry about everything and he desperately needed something to take out his frustrations on. When he opened her door and the bed was empty, he began to feel his first stirrings of unease. Had she left without him knowing?

That wasn't even possible. He had a very secured building.You can change your city from here. We serve personalized stories based on the selected city. Watch: Team Dance Jodi Dance 3. BB Tamil 3 fame Kasthuri Shankar gets nostalgic as she shares a throwback picture from teenage; take a look.

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From family drama to mythological shows: Kannada television gears up with old shows to entertain the audience amid lockdown phase. Naagini actor Deekshith Shetty lauds women who cook every day for the family; calls it a 'thankless job'. Exclusive: I was initially depressed but later settled down with my routine: Aggabai Sasubai fame Ashutosh Patki on coping up with lockdown.

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Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by marking them offensive. Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. Now playing. Reminder Successfully Set! Ishqbaaz written update November 16, Anika's pregnancy puts Shivika in a spot Kishwer Merchannt shoots with ex boyfriend Hiten Paintal; shares a happy pic Kundali Bhagya written update, November 16, Rishabh and Karan ask Preeta to call off her wedding with Prithvi.

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Indian Telly Awards.

ishqbaaz ff shivika pregnant

Gold Awards. Star Parivaar Awards.The timing of Shivaay Singh Oberoi's personal assistant-slash-valet was appalling. He suggested I stay in a hotel until I'm no longer contagious, because I know you can't get sick right now. It seemed appropriate at the moment.

We leave tomorrow for Chandigarh. I can't go without my assistant. Furious, Shivaay hung up the phone on his long-serving personal assistant. The man had never troubled him before. He had worked for Shivaay for ten years, all the way back to when Shivaay was an eighteen year old who insisted on coming to the States for his education. Shivaay's mother had insisted on sending an entourage of servants to join him as befitted his class. He'd fired all of them except for him.

Someone had to pick out his clothes and drive him around, after all. Shivaay stared at the pile of periodcals on the corner of his paper-strewn desk. And below it, Time magazine, which had the same damn headline. Not only was Her Royal Highness marrying an Bollywod actor, but she was marrying a very famous one, which meant that both Bollywod papers and Chandigarh ones would be covering it to a ridiculous extent. As the upcoming event was the wedding of a royal princess of Chandigarh, it meant every Oberoi and Rajput had been invited to the wedding and festivities, Shivaay included.

And while he could get away from most of his titular duties since he was an unimportant younger son and lived stateside, he couldn't get away from this. The royal family"right down to far-flung cousins with better things to do"would be rounded up in Chandigarh to celebrate HRH Soumya's wedding.

Shivaay fully expected to spend a week utterly miserable, avoiding paparazzi, smiling for photos he hated photosand generally avoiding whichever eligible princesses his mother threw in his direction. All of which would be made even worse because his faithful assistant and traveling companion wouldn't be at his side.

He needed an assistant. Shivaay couldn't keep his own schedule straight, and according to his mother, it wouldn't do for a royal to make his own arrangements. If his mother knew that his one and only assistant abandoned him, she'd resume her efforts into pressing him into a lifestyle he hated.

His mother, Her Royal Highness Piny Singh Oberoi, believed that a royal lifestyle should consist of an entourage, and she never had less than forty-six staff in her employment at all times. But Shivaay hated that sort of lifestyle.

As long as he had things under control, he could live in his small, book-scattered townhouse, with only his assistant to assist him and a cleaning lady who came by to straighten things on weekends. It was how he preferred it. He hated hovering, and he hated having people around at all times. He hated 's mother thought fuss was a necessity for the royal family. He had to figure out something, and fast.

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His mother would suspect him the moment she clapped eyes on his tie. If it was even so much as askew, she'd hyperventilate and force servants on him. It wasn't proper, she'd say. Look at how he was running his own life into the ground, she'd say. Wouldn't it be easier if he had an equerry and a valet and a driver and a few maids, and the next thing Shivaay knew, he'd be tripping over people determined to make themselves useful.

Then he'd have no peace at all. His loft would be crawling with maids and butlers and. Shivaay's phone buzzed. He picked it up eagerly, hoping that his assistant had texted him to state that he'd called the doctor because he knew Shivaay was displeased, and had been cleared to fly. That he was returning to Shivaay's townhouse and it had all been a complete misunderstanding.Hii its shivanika back with an os. Some of you may know me as the author of my imagination of shivika love story.

This is a romantic os with humourous touch. In my os anika is 5 months pregnant and shivaay who is already having a hard time in handling her lands into another trouble lets see how he tackle this.

At shivika room in midnight Anika wakes up suddenly Anika- shivaay wake up wake up She trys to wake him up Shivaay in sleepy voice- now what happened? Anika- what do you mean by now what happened?

Shivaay- i am just asking what happened. Anika- ok ok i want ice-cream.

ishqbaaz ff shivika pregnant

Shivaay shocked - what ice cream at this time are you mad? Anika- yes baby wants it. Shivaay- no no not at this time.

Anika- i want it right now are you going or i should go by myself. Shivaay- now dont start drama i am going. And murmers- kahan phss gya. Anika- i heard it and you are not stuck thats me who is stuck all because of you. Shivaay- okay stop no argument at this time plzz. Anika- ice cream…. Shivaay- going going. Shivaay buys ice cream for her and she eats it and gets happy and satisfied.

Anika- now i can sleep peacefully. Shivaay thinking- ya ya spoiled my sleep and now she will sleep peacefully wow god what a wife you have given me. She will sleep in morning also but what about me i have to work in morning in office and at night i have to watch her tantrums.A guide to crack Shivika's pregnancy Share.

Sajna Veh FF – “Epi – 12 ” – “Anika is Pregnant “

Page of 13 Go Next Last. Posted: 1 years ago. The only thing to be gleaned from today's episode is that through the 9 months of pregnancy Annika wore that same horrendous saree and SSO the same white suit. Maybe the pregnanacy manual that SSO Cat mummy was reading recommended not to change clothes until delivery!

The scenes of Shivika appeared out of place and we get it that original SSO really made Annika clautrophobic with the overdose of attention. The flashbacks did not bring any calm to me as I felt that the acting was so over done and the scenes did not really bring forth the emotions. In happier times we would have gushed over the same scenes but now they irritated me as they are being used to sell the new season.

Naani reminiscing them is sort of rubbing in about what it would have been We get it Gulneet! That Shivaansh has a flamboyant exterior where he appears spoilt and calculative and everything of him is on show but the reality is that he is a sensitive soul,a do gooder who is an angel in disguise doing his social duties without any claim to fame;his dream being to build a hospital in the name of his parents.

Coming to the lacklustre,wooden female lead who would have have thought that expression queen Annika will get a daughter in law who would put a robot to shame! Which IPS officer gives bytes to the papparazi without any tangible proof??? In spite of being reprimanded by the commissioner for the same!!

She did it again! H ow boring and depressing her life must be that she needs to do this for satisfying her ego! The fact that the actress is as expressive as a cardboard is not helping matters ;she seems just not made for this role; there is a need of someone who can really be expressive and takkar ki with NM and who can make love to the camera!

Almost 2 weeks and Ishqbaaz-pyaar ki ek dhinchaak kahani is the poor copy of an original and not engaging my sensibilities. Every scene that I watch makes me compare it to the originalthere is no uniqueness as there should have been as the makers explicitly said that they are bringing fresh content to come out of the rut and that Shivika were not bringing TRPs!!!

Just like this eyesore, Dhinchaak is at present is pretty sub-standard. Will it ever brush itself up and become classy?Shivaay defending her… Shivaay Saying sorry… She forgiving. Have u lost it? WhY So hurry… Mrs. After sometime Everyone Gathers In hall. Omru Are looking at him. Somu and prianku too Tia is faking Crying. Her mom Faking Curiosity. Tia how come u pregnant? We never Had something like that… I mean our relationship Never crossed limits.

This cheap anika… manipulated u. Who herself is characterless. Shivaay ur wife. Omru Sompri was happy. From her Side… Anika and everyone was shocked to see shivaay Apologizing. Doc checks her and comes out. Shivaay was normal. Anika comes out… Shivika looks at eachother. And after That They consummate their marriage Fb ends. Omru hugs Shivaay. He too smiles… As his All tensions just Vanished from his life… He got reason to smile.

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